Finance at Pacific Hino

Hino Financial Services

At Pacific Hino we can provide you with a range of finance and insurance options to complete the purchase of your Hino truck or bus. We can structure a competitive package for all your Finance and Insurance requirements. We have a strong commitment to our clients ensuring that they get the best possible service and products to meet their individual needs.

Consumer Loan

We realise that everyone's lifestyle and financial situation is different. That's why we offer a range of personal financial solutions to suit all types of individuals, all types of cash flows and all types of lifestyle requirements.

With our highly popular Personal Customer Plan, you can:

  • Include all on-road, registration and insurance costs into your finance package (first year only)
  • Reduce your monthly payments by structuring the last payment as a much larger balloon payment.
  • Then, at the end of the term you own the vehicle outright.
  • We can also organise convenient and easy repayments by way of monthly, fortnightly or weekly direct debit. Just nominate whichever suits best!

Hino Term Purchase

This finance option represents the ideal choice if you seek the security of vehicle ownership. In essence, ownership of the vehicle passes to you upon receipt of your final installment.

If you wish, all on-road, registrations and insurance costs (first year only), and Lexus Extra Care services, can be included in your monthly installments.

We also offer:

  • Interest rates are fixed for the term
  • Terms are negotiable with a range of 12–60 months*
  • For tax and accounting purposes the operator is treated as the owner (i.e. on-balance sheet financing)
  • Depreciation allowances may be claimed
  • Ownership of trucks and buses is passed to customer upon payment of final instalment

For further information please contact Pacific Hino.

* Subject to age of vehicle. For used trucks and buses up to five years old 12-60 month terms are available.

Tailor make your finance and grow your business with Pacific Hino.

When it comes to financing your next truck, Hino Financial Services provides a real advantage with a great range of flexible finance options. 

We’re committed to arranging finance solutions that best suit your needs and helps you grow your business.

With Hino Tailored Rates*, our sophisticated software calculates your interest rate based on your credit score and other relevant criteria as determined by Hino Financial Services. This means you get a fair and transparent interest rate that is based on your individual business circumstances*. 

Backed by the strength of Toyota Financial Services, Australia’s largest automotive financier, you’ll enjoy peace of mind plus the satisfaction of dealing with the people who understand Hino best.

That's Another Hino Advantage.

Finance from Pacific Hino

Hino Fleet Financing

Hino Financial Services is backed by the strength of Toyota Fleet Management (TFM). The commercial vehicle department specialises in the unique demands of your business. We cover every aspect of your fleet management and every type of vehicle and asset with a simple, streamlined process.

Funding options:

  • Operating Lease
  • Finance Lease
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Fleet Management Novated Finance Lease
  • Novated Operating Lease

Hino Fleet services:

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Small Business Fleet
    - Complete Lease
    - Maintained Chattel Mortgage

For further information please contact Pacific Hino.

Hino Business Vehicle Loan

  • Cost-effective truck ownership, with finance solutions tailored to suit your needs and to help grow your business.
  • Your business owns the truck from the start of the loan.
  • You can include insurance products, warranty and on-road costs to your loan.
  • Income tax deductions may be available depending on your usage of the vehicle.
  • Choose your loan term (up to 7 years).
  • No GST on payments.
  • Hino Tailored Rate* based on your individual business circumstances
  • Fixed interest rate for the loan term.

^Toyota Finance Online is an online account service provided by Toyota Finance, a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181.

*Approved applicants only. Terms and conditions apply. Hino Financial Services is a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 392536.