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  1. 29 January 2019

    A Decade of Dakar Dominance For Hino

    Hino has claimed success in the Under 10-litre class for the 10th consecutive year in the 2019 Dakar Rally, which was recently held in Peru.

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  2. 22 January 2019

    Victory is in site with Hino Team Sugawara!

    Hino Team Sugawara achieves 10 consecutive wins at the Dakar Rally 2019!

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  3. 18 January 2019

    We’re over half way with the Dakar Rally and it’s just getting harder!

    Stage 7 – Day 9 - San Juan de Marcona > San Juan de Marcona: No. 2 Car cleared the loop course in 9th place.

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  4. 16 January 2019

    No.2 Car Hangs on in the Battle of the Desert Dunes at the Dakar Rally

    SS (competition section) this day was divided into two parts, 205 km followed by a 146 km course.

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  5. 11 January 2019

    Hino Team Sugawara No. 2 Car up to cumulative ranking number 12

    The Dakar Rally 2019 event finally started for the truck section on Monday 7th January 2019. An 84 km SS (competition section) was held between Lima and Pisco. Hino Team Sugawara moved Southeast at the liaison point (movement section) 247 km from Lima. Once entering Pisco for the bivouac, SS was conducted around the 84km bivouac.

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  6. 4 January 2019

    Dakar 2019 – Everything you need to know about Hino Team Sugawara

    Hino Motors, Ltd has once again teamed up with Team Sugawara?led by the father-and-son driving duo, Yoshimasa Sugawara (who has a Dakar Rally-record 35 consecutive entries under his belt), and his son Teruhito Sugawara?to enter two HINO 500 Series trucks in the Dakar Rally.

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  7. 20 December 2018

    The Transport Safety Evolution

    Today, the Hino 500 Series Standard Cab, is setting the benchmark, with the most comprehensive active safety package ever offered by a Japanese manufacturer in the Australian medium duty truck market.

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  8. 22 November 2018

    Hino Launches All-New 500 Series Standard Cab

    With class-leading features including a Pre-Collision System, Vehicle Stability Control, and cleaner emissions, Hino Australia today launched its all-new 500 Series Standard Cab medium duty truck range.

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  9. 22 November 2018

    Emission Reductions Just the Start for Hino

    Reduced emissions underpin a compelling environmental story for Hino at the launch of its all-new Hino 500 Series Standard Cab.

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  10. 22 November 2018

    Next Level Style and Comfort for All-New Hino 500 Series Standard Cab

    Hino Australia has today launched the all-new 500 Series Standard Cab with a striking new interior and exterior plus a series of intelligent features that raise the bar for style and comfort in the medium-duty truck segment.

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